Dubious Distinction Awards (Cont.)

December 30th, 2015 by Ken

We will continue to give our awards for dubious distinction.

Good try – wrong gender award to Jerry Farmer, who found out – once again – how difficult it is to defeat a liberal Democratic woman for a political office in Thurston County.

I kind of like this global warming thing award to this past summer which lasted far longer than any previous summer – -except the summer of 2014, that is.

Get off my streets award to all those bike riders who think they can ride on city streets with 2000-pound automobiles and come out ahead in the long run.

The when is eventually award to the City of Lacey which will have to eventually annex all of the property in its Urban Growth Area even though it really doesn’t want to – but state law says it has to – eventually.

Give it about five years award to Renee Sunde who was hired by the City of Olympia as its first economic development director.  She’ll learn – in about five years – – that Olympia city staff like to talk about economic development but really don’t want it – – unless of course its on Martin Way in Lacey.

Go ahead – run the red light award to all those drivers in Lacey who won’t have to worry anymore when they run the red light at Pacific and Sleater Kinney.   Oh wait – there weren’t many red light runners – that’s why the city didn’t renew its contract with the Texas company that owned the camera.

Who doesn’t have a city museum award to the City of Olympia and backhandedly to the City of Tumwater.   When the State Capitol Museum closed its doors this past year Olympia was left without a museum.   While the Capitol Museum wasn’t a city museum – it did on occasion have displays on Olympia’s history.   It’s a shame that a city as old as Olympia doesn’t have its own city museum.   Tumwater has a pictorial museum but it’s only open by appointment.

(Editor’s note:  That’s it for now.  We’ll have more Dubious Distinction Awards later.)

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