2015 Dubious Distinction Awards

December 29th, 2015 by Ken

Comes time now for my annual Awards for Dubious Distinction.

Sue we hardly knew you award to Sue Gunn, whose was elected to the Port of Olympia commission to make changes and  was forced to resign from the that body because of ill health.   We wonder what you would have done had you had more time.

Sometimes it’s time to go award to George Barner Jr. who spent too long in public service.   Although we knew and loved George and appreciated his 40 years of public service – time has a way of catching up with all of us.   George’s inability to adjust to technological changes did him in.

Finally found the right job for himself award to Chris Reykdal who represented the 22nd District as our State Representative when he really should have been the state school superintendent.  Now that he’s running for that state job perhaps someone else with a broader outlook can become our state representative.

Vacancies, vacancies everywhere and where are the candidates award to all the voters of Thurston County.   It looks like we may have as many as five vacant elective positions this year and very few looking to fill them.   Both state representative seats and the state senate seat have no incumbents running and it looks like two Thurston County commission seats may also be vacant this year.   Where are the “qualified” candidates for those jobs?

Don’t like Global Climate Change move to the Northwest award to all those Californians moving to Washington to get away from California’s drought.   Scientists say that the Pacific Northwest may be the only section of our country to benefit from global warming.   The changes may make us more like California – – with a little more rain.

Hot as hell award to all those who move to the Northwest to escape the heat and find that only 13 percent of all homes in Western Washington have air conditioning.

Flush with cash award goes to all  those Californians who move here with pockets full of cash and pay for their new houses with that cash.  Local statistics show that the housing market in Western Washington is hot with homes staying on the market less than 60 days and fully 50 percent of all transactions are in cash.

(Editors note:    We’ll continue our Dubious Distinction Awards later.  So stay tuned.)

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