County budget shocker

December 14th, 2015 by Ken

Thurston County Commissioners recently passed their 2016 budget on a 2 – 1 vote – – a split vote.

I can’t remember the last time that the county budget was passed with anything but a unanimous vote.   Of course, the liberal Democrats have controlled the county commission office for the last 30 years and have enjoyed unanimity of opinion – – until now.

Democrats Cathy Wolfe and Sandra Romero have been joined on the commission by Independent Bud Blake – who defeated Democrat Karen Valenzuela in 2014.   Blake voted not to approve the budget because he wanted more money for public safety.

This split vote for the county budget shows me several things.  Sometimes it’s good to have a different opinion on an elective body.   I believe that when everyone thinks alike – everyone’s wrong.

Next it shows me that major changes are ahead for the Thurston County Commission this election year.   We already know that Cathy Wolfe isn’t seeking re-election and we already know that Sandra Romero is being stalked by at least one major possible opponent – – former Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards.  It’s also been rumored that current Lacey Councilmember Michael Steadman is eyeing a run.  That means changes ahead for the commission.

And finally it shows me that Commissioner Bud Blake still has a long way to go in his learning curve.  Voting against a county budget that you had a hand in developing shows the political immaturity of Blake.

By next year he should have more experience – – and he should have additional help with at least one and possibly two new county commissioners.

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