Impeachment efforts are political

December 8th, 2015 by Ken

Efforts by some Washington State legislators to impeach State Auditor Troy Kelley are misguided at best and political at worst.

Kelley is charged with 16 federal felony counts including tax evasion and money laundering.   He is scheduled for trial early next year.

But those pushing for impeachment aren’t interested in the felony counts or possible violation of federal law – – they want to impeach him because he has taken a leave of absence from his job – without pay – for the last six months.   Lawmakers pushing for impeachment  say this constitutes “malfeasance” of office.   They aren’t impeaching him for possible criminal activities.

“Malfeasance” is a catchall word that means misconduct, according to the dictionary.    I’m not legal scholar, but it seems to me that taking a leave of absence without pay is not misconduct.   If Kelley was suffering from cancer and was gone for six months – – it would have been compassionate to let him stay in office.

The best thing to do is to let the judicial system run its course.  If Kelley is found guilty in a court trial – – then make him resign his office or impeach him then.   In the meantime – – there doesn’t appear to be misconduct in taking a leave of absence.

Why do the impeachment now?   I think its purely political.   Republicans want to see a State Democrat impeached during the coming election year – – and Democrats want to get it over with now – – before election season heats up.

My further question is – – why did he get elected to state office in the first place?   Two reasons I believe.   The state auditor’s race is not a high priority.  No one did extensive background checks on him.   But more significantly, Kelley was a Democrat from the Seattle/Tacoma area.   Ignorant voters put him into office.

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