Who’s afraid of Tom McCabe?

December 3rd, 2015 by Ken

If you don’t know who Tom McCabe is – that’s OK.   The government unions which run the Democratic Party know who Tom McCabe is.

He’s the man who tells child care workers that they don’t have to pay union dues and how to stop the union from garnishing approximately $1000 a year from each worker.  Because of his efforts, nearly half of all child care workers in Washington state have stopped paying union dues – – much of which goes to support elected officials.

The union is so afraid of Tom McCabe that they paid for, printed and mailed a four-page full-color glossy hit piece to his friends, fellow church members and to his neighbors in the Olympia area in which he lives.

Entitled “Meet Your Neighbor” the brochure goes on to call him an “extremist” – – which is what we call those Islamic extremists.   It’s tantamount to calling Tom McCabe a terrorist.

“When you take on the unions you can expect to be threatened, intimidated and harassed even in your own home and in your own neighborhood,” McCabe said

What brought on this personal attack?

Tom McCabe is the head of the Freedom Foundation – – a conservative “think tank”.  It’s funded by contribution from conservative donors – – some of which comes from out-of-state – – but much of which comes from local residents concerned about the increasing power of labor unions – – particularly those of public employees.

The crime the union accuses Tom McCabe of doing – – is notifying child care workers in the SEIU that the Washington State Supreme Court has ruled that they don’t have to belong to a union and they don’t have to pay union dues.

McCabe said the Washington State Labor Council passed a resolution at their last meeting to go after the Freedom Foundation and hired a Seattle firm operating under the name of the Northwest Accountability Project to take on the task of silencing Tom McCabe.

The hit piece arrived in the mailboxes of Tom McCabe’s neighbors, friends and parishioners on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

So far Tom McCabe has not responded – – although his wife Susan has sent out a letter to their neighbors asking them to give them the benefit of the doubt when they receive other hit pieces with vague accusations.

“I hope you can understand that this a battle that my husband believes in and that he has no intention of walking away,” she said in her letter.


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