How are you going to spend your two dollars?

November 30th, 2015 by Ken

Oh Happy Day.   The rates Puget Sound Energy charges for gas and electricity are scheduled to go down next year.

In a request filed with the State Utilities and Transportation Commission, Puget Sound Energy is asking for a rate decrease for most residential customers of its electricity and natural gas.   The company’s rates are set by the state and any changes in rates must be approved by the commission.

Residential users of electricity will see an average monthly savings of 20 cents.   Average consumers of natural gas will see an annual monthly savings of 2 cents.   That’s an annual savings for the average residential consumer of about $2.60.

International declines in the price of oil and natural gas are the primary reason for the decrease in consumer rates.   Puget Sound Energy gets a significant amount of energy from oil fired plants.

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