Lacey history this week 1997

November 30th, 2015 by Ken

A few weeks ago, a little T Shirt shop in downtown Olympia began selling T Shirts with the logo “Lacey Sucks”.

No one cared much until “The Olympian” did a story on the shop and the shirt.   The story went statewide.   This week KOMO, KIRO and KING television all sent reporters to cover the event and shine a light on the conflict between the cities of Olympia and Lacey.

The Lacey Chamber of Commerce responded by printing up “I Love Lacey” T Shirts while the City of Lacey embarked on a campaign to point out all of the positive aspects of living in Lacey.

As soon as the spotlight went out – the interest in the story faded.   The T Shirt shop later went out of business and Lacey continued its growth and community awareness.

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