State Patrol looking for boy scouts

November 4th, 2015 by Ken

The Washington State Patrol is having difficulty finding the right people to fill 147 vacancies it currently has in its ranks.

Unfortunately the State Patrol has a smaller and smaller pool of applicants every year from which to chose.   If you’re over-weight they don’t want you.   If you have a visible tattoo they don’t want you.   If you’ve even tried marijuana they don’t want you.  If you have a record – even a misdemeanor – – they don’t want you.  If you can’t pass their intrusive lie detector test they don’t want you.

None of us want our state police agency to be filled with criminals and miscreants but the Washington State Patrol has to get with modern times.   The people they want  – exist in only one spot – – the Boy Scouts – – actually they would prefer Eagle Scouts.

But, the Boy Scouts themselves are having a difficult time finding boys wanting to be Boy Scouts – – so it looks like the Washington State Patrol is going to have a number of vacancies for a long time – – unless it joins the real world.

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