My favorite time of the year

October 7th, 2015 by Ken

This is my favorite time of year.  I really enjoy the changing of the seasons particularly when it comes to Autumn.  The recent rains have reinforced my love of fall.

It’s not that I don’t like summer – – I do – – particularly this past summer.   It was a great season, with good, warm weather.   But, when fall gets here, I rejoice.

I like the colors associated with fall.  I like the brown – the orange – the red of the leaves.   I like to watch them change and spread out around the trunk of the trees.

I also like the fruits associated with autumn.   I like biting into an apple and enjoying the sweetness of the juice as it fills my mouth.   Having half a dozen apple trees in my backyard always make the season special.   This year I grew pumpkins – many of them.   Just hope they get ripe by Halloween.

Autumn also brings the rain –  like it has this week.   Although I like the warmth of spring, as a native, I appreciate the rain.   My yard was a deep brown this year and the new rain helps to boost the spirits of the grass as well as my own.   When the rain comes in the fall, I know all’s right with the world.   I even like the grayness – – the 20 or more shades of gray we see all around us.

Fall gets the kids back to school – – where they belong.  It also brings football.   I attend some of my grandson’s football games – – but I also watch the Seahawks – like many others.

But – – perhaps – – the reason I like fall best – is it starts the beginning of the holiday period, when we spend more time with family.

As the darkness envelops us earlier and earlier, we look towards home and family.   With a handful of  holidays between now and the end of the year we have just the excuse we need to spend more time together.

While each season has its supporters – – I cast my lot with fall.

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