Lacey’s former mayors to meet

September 23rd, 2015 by Ken

What’s a group of  former mayors called?

In Lacey, such a group is called a “Leadership Council” and soon they will be adding their collective wisdom to helping Lacey move into its second 50 years.

Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder has created the Leadership Council as an advisory group to him and the current council.   All former mayors of Lacey have been invited to be part of the group.

“I’ve been thinking about it for quite a while,” Ryder said.   “When the council started talking about creating a Transportation Benefit District, I thought getting the opinion of the former mayors was a good idea.”

Ryder didn’t say if he asked for that advice, but sees the city’s 50th Anniversary as an excellent opportunity to get the mayors together. “Who knows more about Lacey from a historical perspective than they do,” he said.

The city is currently setting up a meeting of the Leadership Council for next month.   The city’s 50th Anniversary Committee will make a presentation.

No date has been firmed up.

(Additional information:   Lacey has had several mayors in its 50 years.  Because the mayor is selected by the city council,  a new mayor can be appointed anytime he or she can get four votes on the city council.  The oldest mayor still living is Bill Bush.  Next is Karen Fraser who was also  the first woman mayor of Lacey.   Lacey has had three other women mayors including Kay Boyd, Gene Liddell and Nancy Peterson.)

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