Some judges owe their election to the WEA

September 22nd, 2015 by Ken

Recently, in this blog, I wrote that several of the judges on the Washington State Supreme Court owe their election to the Washington Education Association (WEA).

I noted that perhaps that was why the court was supporting all of the positions of the state teacher’s union.

Today, “The Olympian” on its editorial page, implied that the $1900 in campaign money the WEA gave to the judges wasn’t enough to buy anything and that perhaps critics of the WEA were just “paranoid.”

“The Olympian” failed to point out that the WEA gives more than just $1900 to the judges.  Through its contacts, it also encourages local teacher unions to support certain judges with their own contributions.

Independent expenditures from WEA committees – with no spending limits –   also contributed to electing the judges endorsed by the group.

And, the local teacher unions also turn out hundreds of “volunteers” to make phone calls, doorbell and wave signs.

It’s more than the money the WEA contributes to the judges election campaigns.  It’s the coordinated effort the state teacher’s union makes that “buys” the support of the judges in education related court cases.

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