Gadman may seek county seat

September 11th, 2015 by Ken

Lacey City Councilmember Jeff Gadman, has not ruled out a run at a county commission seat next year.

While saying he is devoting his time and effort to his city council job, he also acknowledge that he does have future political ambitions.   Running for a county commission seat will depend on whether or not the incumbent seeks reelection, he said.

Gadman made those comments on Coffee With Ken, on Wednesday.   The complete interview can be accessed by clicking on the Coffee With Ken button at the top of this page.

Gadman is being challenged in his reelection bid by Bill Frare  (pronounced like prairie).   He is the only incumbent Lacey councilmember to draw an opponent.  Both Jason Hearn and Lenny Greestein are running unopposed.

This election is important to the future of the City of Lacey because it also will determine who the next mayor of the city will be.   The Lacey council selects its own mayor who represents the city to the community and who appoints members to the city’s various boards and commissions.  (I am currently a member of the Lacey Parks Board.)

The most recent council election found Andy Ryder selected mayor by a 4-3 vote.   Gadman voted for Ryder.    If Gadman were to be defeated, its possible that Ryder will not be re-appointed to his mayor job.

Gadman has sought higher public office before.   In 2010 he ran for the Thurston County Assessor position.

It has always been felt by the local political establishment that Gadman would eventually run for higher office.   Most often mentioned is county commissioner.

Gadman is in the commissioner district of Sandra Romero.   Romero has not yet announced if she will seek re-election in 2016, but rumors have her retiring.

In the meantime, Gadman says he is concentrating on representing the citizens of Lacey and running his campaign for re-election to the Lacey City Council.

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