September 10th, 2015 by Ken

It’s been 14 years since terrorists launched an attack on the United States to force us to fight a religious war.

That attack has had a major impact on our country.    We’ve been at war for more than a decade – and the world is not a better place because of it.

We have found and killed almost everyone connected to the hijacking and the resulting destruction of the twin towers, and the devastation of the Pentagon.

We’ve fought wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as well as in many other Middle Eastern countries.  American forces are currently engaged in action in Syria, Libya, Somalia and other countries not currently known to us.

Our two presidents – –  George W. Bush and Barrack Obama – – have made major errors and mistakes in their war on terror.   The invasion of Iraq, which created instability – –  and then the pullback of troops from that country, which left a vacuum that was filled by Iran.  The sideshow of the Arab Spring, which upset established governments to be replaced by partisan religious factions.   Comments from the “bully pulpit” have set the bar higher than anyone could reach.   And, the red line in the sand and the resulting non-action-  confirmed to terrorist groups that America would do nothing.

Here in the “homeland” we’ve allowed government scrutiny of almost every phase of our life – – all in the name of “security”.   It has worked.   We’ve had no foreign terrorist attacks since September 11, 2001.

I have a feeling that this country is fed up with the war on terror.   It wants to lighten the restrictions placed upon them by the government, particularly when it comes to travel.   It wants to de-militarize the police and get back to happier times.  And, it wants to get us out of Middle East and bring the troops home.

The only problem – – the terrorists don’t have the same idea.

And, our elected officials have no plans on how to deal with that.



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