Progressive dogma

July 7th, 2015 by Ken

The hottest summer on record and the Department of Natural Resources has seen its fire-fighting budget cut by one-third.  Services for veterans, mental health and other programs have seen budget cuts despite the fact that Washington state has nearly $3 billion in new revenue this year.

So – where did the money go?

You know as well as I do.   The money went to the progressive wing’s  favorite cause – –  education.

That’s the dogma faced by Democrats today.    Put more money into education or face being cut off from the Washington Education Association’s tit.

But, if education is the key to everything positive – – how much money is enough?

Even State school superintendent Randy Dorn (a former leader of the WEA) estimates it could be as much as $5 billion a year more – – forever – – and even then he’s not sure.

Would somebody, somewhere, with no axe to grind or union boss to kiss, tell me what the real number is.

Kowtowing to dogma  does no one any good.

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