Frare starts campaign for Lacey council seat

June 24th, 2015 by Ken

Before a small group of family and friends, Wednesday at the Lacey Conference Center, Bill Frare started his campaign for the city council seat currently held by Jeff Gadman.

This civil engineer and president of the Schilter Farm Homeowners Association said his priorities on the council would be – -accountable government – economic development –  improved transportation – and environmental stewardship.

Frare talked about two of those priorities.    He said the council disregarded the public’s viewpoint when it re-approved a plastic bag ban, despite a survey which showed a majority of Lacey residents opposed to the ban.   The failure of the city to put the issue on the ballot because of the cost, drew his ire.  “$2500 is a small price to pay for democracy,” he said.

On the transportation front, Frare was disappointed that the city hasn’t begun construction of the College Street project and talked about the danger that children have walking along College Street on the small sidewalks.

He also took the council to task for delaying the city’s street overlay project.  “It’s inexcusable that they couldn’t find the money for that project,” Frare said.  “In the long run it saves the city money.”

This is Frare’s first run at any elective office.

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