The WEA should be ashamed of itself

April 20th, 2015 by Ken

A statewide teacher’s strike is just another example of the Washington Education Associations (WEA) disdain and lack of concern for parents.

The WEA has called for a one-day teacher strike to bring pressure on the Washington State Legislature to fund lower class sizes for all grades as required by a union-initiative passed by the voters.   In doing so, the union hopes to show how seriously it takes the initiative.

But, in doing so, the union showed its lack of concern for parents.   Even state school superintendent Randy Dorn said that such an approach creates chaos in the family.

The union cares about teachers but less so for parents or students.   If the lower class size initiative and its $3 billion dollar tax bill is implemented, it will provide thousands of new teachers, new union members and new union dues.    Concern for parents is almost non-existent.

Parents already have to adjust their schedules to meet the needs of the union-required school calendar.  Schools have late start days, early release days, teacher in-service  days, conference weeks and professional days.

These days require that parents find day care for their kids.   Unscheduled changes – – like a teacher’s strike – – makes it difficult for parents to find such care and often forces them to miss a day of work.

Shame on the WEA and its lack of concern for parents.   It should be ashamed of itself.

Besides, a strike won’t make any difference in what the legislature does.    It’s just a show to demonstrate the power of the union.

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