Who does “The Olympian” serve?

January 19th, 2015 by Ken

Our local newspaper – “The Olympian” – prides itself on allowing the community access to the pages of the newspaper.

It accepts letters to the editor which reflect those with strong opinions – – often outside the mainstream of the community.

It sits two community members on it’s editorial board.  They are selected by the paper’s editors and have the same right of opinion as that of the staff members.  This is unique and unusual and “The Olympian” is to be congratulated for doing so.

Unfortunately – – those selected often represent a narrow viewpoint – – in line with the newspaper’s views.

The same holds true for the half dozen community members it selects to write a column on the editorial page on a regular basis – – called the Board of Contributors.

The six new columnists represent social service agencies, environmental groups and state government.

Here’s the make-up of this current class of contributors selected to represent the community.

There’s a representative of the League of Women Voters – –  a representative of the Indian tribes – – a representative of community colleges – – an environmental planner – – an urban planner – – and a representative of youth services.

All of these contributors are well-educated and will do well-researched opinions  (although I have to question the one that ran in the January 19 edition.)

But, they don’t represent the greater Olympia community.   Where is the tree farmer from Rochester – the small business owner in Lacey – – the conservative community activist in Tumwater?

Those “The Olympian” selects represent a narrow band of opinion not representative of the greater community.

Until the paper has “diversity of opinion”  it’s efforts to reflect the community goes for naught.

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