The emasculation of our boys

January 5th, 2015 by Ken

It isn’t until women have a boy baby that they begin to realize how much society has stacked the deck against boys – – particularly in education.

Noted feminist writer Camille Paglia, who has an 11-year old boy, recently wrote in a “The Wall Street Journal” article:  “Primary school education is a crock.   It’s oppressive to anyone with physical energy, particularly guys,” she wrote.

Paglia goes on to say – – “They’re making a toxic environment for boys.   Primary education does everything in its power to turn boys into neuters.”

The war on boys has reached a point where it’s almost too late to turn back.   A generation of boys has already been ruined.

I’ve quoted statistics time and time again.   Nearly 90 percent of all school children with designated ADHD are boys.  Boys get worse grades in school than do girls.  And women now make up more than 65 percent of all college students, even higher in some professions such as medicine and law.

Yet gender politics would have you believe that girls and women get the short end of the stick.

Women support groups and the designation as a “minority class” continues to place boys at a disadvantage in this new modern feminist society.

Writer Paglia says that denying the role of nature is dangerous to the women’s movement.

Men and particularly women, need to be honest about the role biology plays in life, she said.

Our educational system is designed by women for women.   It’s run by women and most of its employees are women.

Female values such as sitting quietly, studying, working together as teams, following the rules and obeying the teacher are all female traits.   (My views, not hers.)

Boys are not prone to sit still.  They’re full of energy and need to run and move.  Boys don’t want to work cooperatively.  They’re competitive.  They want to show off – – particularly around girls – – and want to beat the other boys.

Boys always question authority figures.   It’s the way they determine just what they can do and what they can get away with.

The educational deck is stacked against boys from the very beginning.

Our society has emasculated its boys

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