Don’t blame the Republicans

December 2nd, 2014 by Ken

It wasn’t too long ago that State Senator Karen Fraser told members of the Lacey City Council – – that if they wanted help from the state legislature this coming session – – then Democrats had to control the State Senate.

It looks like local city governments can forget about getting more money from state taxpayers since Republicans took outright control of the state senate – – making Fraser’s comments seem prophetic- – or did it.

Perhaps there’s a different reason local government isn’t getting any money.

The biggest stumbling block for more aid to local government is the vast, over-whelming demand for more money from the Washington Education Association (WEA).

Billions and billions of state money is what the teacher’s union wants and that trumps all other expenditures including local government support.

The Washington Education has bought the state legislature, the state supreme court and the governor’s mansion by its support of Democrats and liberal-leaning members of the state supreme court, several of whom took campaign money from the WEA.

And, to keep up the pressure, the bully boys of the WEA recently bought and paid forĀ  Initiative 1351 which will cost taxpayers at least two billion dollars more.

It isn’t Republican control of the Washington State Senate which is keeping money away from local government.

It’s the blind obedience of the state legislature, the state supreme court and the governor’s mansion to the dictates of the Washington Education Association.

Don’t blame the Republicans.

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