Another county charter effort is suspicious

October 16th, 2014 by Ken

A group of county residents, thinking that county government needs to be over-hauled, are looking at taking another county charter run.

Through that effort, they hope to create a new county government, with new offices and new responsibilities.

They’re hoping that the fourth time is a charm.

Three times in the past, a group of residents have taken it upon themselves to draft a new county charter and put it before the voters.   Three time the voters have turned it down.   In 1979 it failed with only a 45 percent yes vote.   In 1986 it failed with only 48 percent yes and in 1990 it failed by an even further margin of only 39 percent yes.

So, why do they think they can succeed this time?

They hope they’ve learned from their past failures.  They want to make it simpler and they want to do a better job of education.

In all cases, those new county charters expanded government control, giving county government additional powers and taking away a number of elected officials – making them appointed positions.

In all three cases, the county charter was drafted by Democrats and the liberal base which controls elections and politics in Thurston County.    Thank goodness they have to put the charter up to a vote of the people – who seem to have the only common sense around here.

Now – -that all said.   I believe we need to take a long hard look at our regional government system and bring those regional bodies – – such as LOTT , Intercity Transit – – Medic One – – Animal Control – – Regional Planning – – and a dozen other regional boards and commissions, under the control of an elected body.

I’m willing to look at any charter effort that does that.    I also think it’s time to increase the number of county commissioners – – making certain that the districts run from East to West.

I might be persuaded to look at the elimination of several county jobs as elective positions – – including perhaps clerk – – assessor – – coroner as a starter.

Other than that, I’m suspicious when this charter group is composed of most of the Democratic liberal leaders in our county who believe that more government is better.

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