Supreme Court is biased

September 16th, 2014 by Ken

Three years ago the Washington State Supreme Court ruled that the Washington State Legislature was not fully funding education as required by the state constitution and ordered the legislature to come up with more money.

Last week the court held the legislature in contempt.

While this appears to be a ruling on education funding, it is really a conflict between the legislative and judicial branches of government.   The conflict is playing out all over the country, as state court after state court has ruled that its legislature is not fully funding education.

This is a battle brought about by the various state teacher’s unions who have been stymied by state legislatures and have taken their fight to the state courts.

Here, in our state, the Washington Education Association (WEA) is actively involved in court actions.   While the lawsuits themselves have been brought by parents, they were instigated by the WEA.

What makes our case interesting is the fact that two-thirds of the Washington State Supreme Court owe their election to the WEA.

Several of the judges have taken money from the WEA and have received the endorsement and support of its members.

I don’t want to think that our judges can be bought by the teacher’s union, but it gives one to pause when they continue to fight the legislature on behalf of the union agenda.

It’s apparent that the WEA finds it easier and cheaper to buy a few supreme court justices than it is to buy a complete legislature.

As long as our state supreme court appears to owe its allegiance to the WEA the more it appears that the court is not fair or unbiased.



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