Capitol Lake decision has been made

September 4th, 2014 by Ken

As summer winds down and fewer and fewer people congregate around the shores of Capitol Lake, it looks like a decision has been made regarding the lake.

Competing views of the lake’s future include removing the dam and letting the DesChutes River flow into Budd Inlet.   Another view is keeping the dam in place and dredging the lake to remove accumulated mud.   All of the various alternatives are confined to those two options.

Complicating matters of course is the fact that the state, the city, the county and the port all have a say in what will happen to the lake.  They however can’t agree on a strategy and consequently no decision seems to have been made.

That however is not the case.   A decision has been made.

By doing nothing, the decision has been made to let the current situation continue.   It’s a form of decision making often used by government agencies.  Doing nothing, upsets no one and is perfectly acceptable – – as long as public meetings on the issue continue.

Of course, the entire process of filling up the lake will take time — and during that time Capitol Lake will become a cesspool of rotting vegetation and stinking puddles of mud.

But, at this point in time, it appears that any decision they make will be the wrong decision, so the best they can do is wait and talk, wait and talk and eventually mother nature will make the decision for them.

That’s the way you make a decision in government.

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