First woman stories should end in 2016

June 11th, 2014 by Ken

When California Chrome failed to win the Belmont Stakes this past weekend and become the first Triple Crown winner in more than three decades, the national news media looked around for another story.

And they found it, in the trumpet blowers who call the horses to the track.   It was the first woman to blow the trumpet at Belmont.

The first woman to blow a trumpet at Belmont.  What a stupid story.   When is the media going to stop writing stories about the first woman.

The feminist movement started more than 40 years ago and since then we’ve had hundreds – – no thousands of stories about the first woman.   The first woman to climb Mt. Everest, the first woman to head the Federal Reserve, the first woman to go into space, the first woman to lead a major television news cast, the first woman to graduate from West Point – – the list is endless and now worthless.

It’s become the first woman to win a hot dog eating contest, the first woman win a big truck rally, the first woman to blow a trumpet at Belmont.

Women head multinational corporations, women lead major universities, women make up a majority of all college students, women win gold medals in Olympic team competitions – – women are in leadership positions everywhere.

Well – – almost everywhere.   They haven’t been president of the United States, but that will all end in 2016.

Maybe then, we’ll stop having first woman stories.    It can’t come too soon for me.


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