Government doesn’t work

May 30th, 2014 by Ken

Government doesn’t work.   That’s the feeling of the American public according to Kimberley Strassel, a columnist for “The Wall Street Journal.”

She made those remarks last night at the Washington Research Council’s annual meeting.  The guest speaker said that American’s have lost faith in their government’s ability to solve problems.  “They feel that nothing government does will alleviate the problem, but make it worse,” she said.

Strassel said that the Affordable Care Act,  the IRS scandal, the VA debacle and the alternative energy efforts are examples of government programs that reinforce those negative feelings.

Because of the public’s lack of faith in government, the Republican party may pick up many of the 14 Democratic Senate seats up for election this year.

But, she warned the Republicans against over-reaching. The backlash against government doesn’t mean that the American public wants smaller government.   “Someone has to make the case for smaller government, and there’s no Ronald Reagan on the horizon,” she said.

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