Women views dominate court

May 5th, 2014 by Ken

With the appointment of Mary Yu to the Washington State Supreme Court to replace retiring justice Jim Johnson, Washington now has six women on the state bench.

Six women out of nine justices gives me a reason to pause and consider what this means, not only for dispensing justice, but for our society as well.

Women have been making in-roads into the legal system for decades and women attorneys are now, not only common, but the norm.

Nearly 65 percent of all law students are women and having six women on the supreme court echos the current status of the law as female dominated.

Women have a unique perspective on children and families and have a point of view that places children in a context which sets them as a priority.    And to assure that priority, women often place government over individual rights to insure that children are protected.

But, it goes deeper than that.

The McCleary decision, which forces the state legislature to provide more funding for education, was brought about while we had only five women on the court, but it signifies the end of male domination of the legal system.

As we move along in the process of feminizing the law, the State Supreme Court will move in the direction of favoring government over the private individual.   The nanny state is alive and our top court will continue to force its will upon the residents.

OK – I know – you’re saying, what kind of jerk sees gender as the over-riding element of the way people think and act?

How can you say that just because a judge is a woman, that she has more empathy for children than a man does?

How can you say that a woman wants more government control over individual actions just because she’s a woman?

There’s a simple answer.  Just look at the McCleary decision and the way the court is taking control of legislative actions and taxpayer money in regards to education funding.

I chalk that up to the female domination on our court.

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