Don’t let money buy your vote – you ignorant voter – you

April 10th, 2014 by Ken

Recently the United States Supreme Court has made two rulings which elevate freedom of speech.

First the court ruled that corporations had the rights to raise and spend money, just like an individual.   Then, most recently, it took the limits off of how much money individuals can spend on political affairs.

These court decisions have some on the left end of scale irritated and incensed claiming that rich billionaires will be able to buy elections and thus get special favors from government.

Billions of dollars are already spent each presidential election year to buy your vote and hundreds of millions are spent in other races in other years.

It’s spent by both parties and rich billionaires give money to both parties.   It’s also raised and spent by political parties, political action committees, individual expenditures, union dues money and by individuals.

The fact that money is the mother’s milk of politics has always been true and is no more true today than yesterday.

But, money doesn’t win elections – – votes do.   Rich billionaires get the same number of votes as you do – – one.

The problem arises because you – – as an average voter – – are ignorant.   Many of you only know what you see and hear on your television.   If you believe anything you hear in the media about a candidate – – then your vote is being bought.

Don’t let your vote be bought.

Educate yourself.   Talk with the candidate if possible.  Discuss the issues with your friends and people whose opinion you trust.

Education – – your education – – is the key to elections.   Don’t be ignorant and don’t sell your vote.

And, if you don’t know who to vote for – – Don’t Vote.

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