What’s the purpose of a college degree?

March 26th, 2014 by Ken

There was a time in this country when going to college meant getting a good education.

No matter what your career path was, colleges had required classes – in math, science, the humanities, in history, in philosophy, in many different subjects.   By requiring students to take these classes they graduated with a well-rounded understanding of life.

Now, the whole idea of going to college is to get a good job.

When did the concept of college – as a means to a job – become paramount over education and the making of a good citizen?

It’s true, that those with a college degree will make hundreds of thousands of dollars more in their working lifetime than will someone with just a high school diploma.   But, that shouldn’t be the only reason one goes to college.

The idea that college is the only pathway to a good job happened when blue collar jobs began to disappear.

Prior to that time someone with a high school diploma could make a good living working in manufacturing or in the service industries.   But, when those jobs disappeared, college beckoned.

This is the pathway to nirvana became the watchword as thousands and thousands of students flocked to college for the purpose of getting a good job.

The idea of getting a good college education and becoming a well rounded citizen was far from the minds of most.

And, colleges, eager to latch on to these newly converted college students began to lower admission standards, eliminate unnecessary courses and allow an easier path towards a degree.

While some colleges lowered standards more than others, all colleges were impacted.   Even our prestigious universities tout how much money their students can make upon graduation.

But, our society suffered and continues to suffer by a lack of educated citizens – – many of whom have such a narrow focus that they no longer understand the commonalities which make us a unique country.

Getting a job is a good reason to go to college, but it isn’t the only reason.   Our colleges need to stop bowing to the current crisis and put their feet back on the path to providing a good education and the creation of good citizens.

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