Bag ban vote symbolic against business

February 15th, 2014 by Ken

The City of Lacey’s decision to ban plastic bags in the city was “symbolic” said Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder.  “It won’t do much to eliminate plastic but it’s a start,” the mayor said.

Ryder made those comments during a meeting of the Lacey Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee Friday.

But, members of the committee said the vote was something else.   “It’s symbolic that Lacey is no longer the business friendly community is used to be.”

Ryder disputed the contention that the plastic bag ban was anti-business.

The decision to join with Olympia and Tumwater in banning plastic bags in Lacey came about after a long and heated discussion Thursday during the Council’s regular meeting.

Former mayor Virgil Clarkson said that Lacey had always taken the lead and didn’t follow the latest fad.

Council member Jeff Gadman countered by saying that by voting for the ban, Lacey was showing leadership.

His contention is not echoed by many members of the Lacey business community that now find Lacey turning its back on business.   The vote to ban plastic bags – was symbolic in that effort.

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