Look to home for transportation funding

January 30th, 2014 by Ken

Sometime I think the Washington State Legislature has its head between its legs.   (I wanted to put it elsewhere but I think this is a family blog)

The legislature is looking at a number of new funding sources for transportation projects in this state.  Foremost – right now – – is a gas tax increase.  The legislators are looking long term at a number of other options.

But, the best place to look is here at home, at the Washington Department or Transportation.   They’ve wasted so much money in the last few years that some good management could help with needed funds for future projects.

Lets take a look at some of their gaffs and mistakes.

In Tacoma at the I-5 interchange in Nalley Valley – – the Transportation Department failed to line up two off-ramps that were suppose to connect – – but didn’t.  That cost us millions of dollars to tear down the old ramps and realign the new ones.

When the Department began planning to build a new 520 floating bridge they decided to build the pontoons in state.   They selected a location to construct a pond in which to build the pontoons and float them to the construction site.

Unfortunately they started digging the construction pond and discovered it was an Indian burial ground.  They had to find a new location and start over costing taxpayers millions of dollars.

Then, when the pontoons were constructed they had cracks and leaks costing millions more to repair.

And – lets not forget Big Bertha – still sitting silent and quiet underground in Seattle while the City of Seattle and the State of Washington fight over who’s to blame.  The taxpayers continue to pay.

Altogether its estimated that state incompetence has cost state taxpayer up to $400 million.

It’s time the legislature looks at the Department of Transportation first – before looking at more taxpayer money

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