My view on taxes

December 3rd, 2013 by Ken

About 30 years ago I became concerned about the government’s continual intrusion in my personal life.

What could I do about it?   Electing new leaders didn’t work became eventually they came to support the same big government programs they always support.

I decided that government only becomes bigger and more intrusive through the use of my money – – the money I pay in taxes.   And, the only way to reduce government is to reduce the amount of money they receive through my taxes.

Therefore I determined not to permit any more tax increases no matter how “necessary” they might be.

It’s like drug addicts.   You have to cut off their drug supply before they can begin to detox.

I never – – and I repeat – – never vote for new taxes whenever I have the opportunity.  And, I vote for those who favor the same idea – – although after they get into office, I’m often disappointed.

I have to add one caveat to this declaration.   I voted for new taxes once in the last 30 years.  That was to build a sports stadium in Seattle.

After all, football is a “necessary” program.

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