Scientists can’t be wrong – – can they?

November 13th, 2013 by Ken

Many people believe in global warming including about 90 percent of all scientists.  And most of them think it’s caused by human activity.

Some people believe in global warming but think its a natural occurrence that has been going on for five billion years.  And a few don’t believe in it at all.

The recent typhoon which hit the Philippines last week has been called the strongest typhoon ever to make land fall.   Immediately the strength of the typhoon was blamed on global warming.

When Super Storm Sandy hit the East Coast last year, many people blamed the strength of the storm on global warming.

When tornadoes roar through tornado alley in the Midwest, as they do every spring, many people will say the strength of the tornado has been increased by global warming.

This year, the United States has not been hit by a single hurricane.   Scientists who believe in global warming say this is a normal process.  Sometimes we get a lot of hurricanes and some years we don’t.   Global warming just makes them stronger when they do hit, they say.

But, these same scientists are puzzled by recent activity on the sun.  Actually, they’re puzzled by the lack of activity on the sun.

This body of immense solar power warms the earth.   It’s heat from the sun that makes global warming.   The sun has periods of warmth and periods of coolness.  When sunspots are active on the sun the amount of energy reaching the earth increases and warms up our planet.

But, the sun is not active.  Scientists say that the lack of activity on the sun may be masking the effects of global warming.    When the sun starts to kick up again, we’ll see more impact from global warming they predict.

Well – duh – – when the sun is more active you get more heat.   I’m not a scientist and even I know that.

I believe we’re in a period of global warming.   I’m not convinced that human activity has any significant impact on whether or not the earth is hot or cold.

That’s what the sun is for – – to heat the earth.   Right now it seems to be laying dormant.   I hope its just resting.

I wouldn’t want our scientists to be wrong.

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