Obama care costs me money

September 30th, 2013 by Ken

Enrollment for the federal program known as Obama Care started this week.   It really doesn’t kick in until January, but enrollment started this week.

I don’t know as much about it as I should, but I do know some things.

It impacts me.  Even though I’m on Medicare and Social Security – – Obama Care has impacted me.

Like many of you on Medicare, I have to buy supplemental insurance to make up for the parts Medicare doesn’t cover.

I contract with Group Health for that coverage.  I pay them a couple of hundred dollars a month for my supplemental insurance.

This month, my costs of health care with Group Health went up an additional hundred dollars a month.   I receive no additional benefits from that added cost.

The government’s Affordable Care Act costs me $1200 a year.

Some 34 million Americans have no health insurance.   Under the Affordable Care Act – – Obama Care – – all of those Americans will be covered with some type of health care plan.

Those of us with insurance are the ones paying the cost of implementing Obama Care.   It’s that simple.  We’re the ones paying the cost of the new federal plan.

Insurance companies love Obama Care.  They have 34 million new customers whose  insurance is being paid for by the federal government through an increase in our medical premiums.

I’ve been a supporter of a single payer health care plan for years.   I don’t think people should be denied medical care because they can’t afford it.

The Affordable Care Act – – Obama Care – – is a government program that provides health insurance to everyone.  It’s filled with holes.   It’s filled with gifts to special interest groups.  It increases the cost of insurance for those of us already covered.  It’s a bureaucrat’s dream.  It’s filled with a mixture of federal and private insurance plans.

It’s a mess.  But it’s a start.

It’s time to stop efforts to kill the plan and time to start efforts to fix the plan.

And, while you’re at it.  See if you can’t find a way to lower my insurance premiums – – you promised to do so.

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