Washington Center still “elitist”

July 18th, 2013 by Ken

It’s a new season for the Washington Center for the Performing Arts.

Not only has it released its schedule of activities, but it has a new executive director, Jill Barnes.  (Who will be a guest on my radio show Tuesday, July 23.)

In addition, it’s in the process of upgrading its exterior – partly out of necessity – and partly to improve the appearance of the building.

For decades now I’ve complained about the elitism encompassed by the Washington Center and how its programs are designed to appeal to the highbrow elements of our community.

This season’s entertainment line-up has some of those same elements.   It’s almost as if the Center sees it as their job to educate me as to the various types of entertainment available around the world.

The Center is quick to point out that it hosts a number of performances from other sources, from other producers of shows and that local performing groups also use the Washington Center.

It points out that thousands of people come to the Washington Center and that local performances by children draw great support.

I say that less than 20 percent of all Thurston County residents have ever been to a Washington Center performance unless their kids were performing.

The Center continues to book entertainment that appeals primarily to a small group of elitists.

And, as long as it doesn’t book entertainment that appeals to the rest of us, it’s always going to have problems with financial and community support.

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