Money key to local political success

June 26th, 2013 by Ken

It may not look like political season here in Thurston County, but it is.  I’ve seen a few political signs up here and there and even had a candidate come to my door.

But nothing signals political season more than political fund raisers.  So far this year I’ve been to half a dozen political fund raisers, all for city council seats in Tumwater, Lacey and Olympia.

This is the ultimate political statement – – even more important than voting.  Contributing money to a political candidate of your choice is the best way to influence an election.

Running for public office takes money – – lots of it.

With the diffusion of local media its more difficult for a candidate, particularly a challenger, to get the word out.   Public forums draw very few people and meet the candidate nights often bring out only those people who already support a candidate.

The best way to get name recognition is to spend money.

It’s estimated that it will take $10,000 to run for a city council seat.   Running for a county wide office, such as county auditor, may take up to 10 times as much.   It’s not cheap to run for public office.

Candidates need to put up those hated political signs.   It’s a necessary way to gain name recognition and also shows support for a candidate.  But, they cost money – – perhaps as much as $10 per sign.  Larger signs cost even more.

A campaign brochure with information on the candidate costs money.   The price of printing the material in a union shop, and the cost of mailing, mounts up.

It takes loads and loads of money for an unknown candidate to gain recognition and establish himself as a viable public official.

That’s why special interest groups are so important, even in local city races.   The teacher’s union,  the fire fighters union, the government  employee unions – – all have access to their members dues and great sums of money.  And, they do spend it on local races.

If those groups have your confidence let them finance local campaigns.

But, if not, find our what the candidates stand for and then – – give them money.

It’s more important than your vote.


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