Lets do more snooping

June 12th, 2013 by Ken

My friends are all aghast at the news the government has been monitoring millions of phone numbers and internet usage as a means to fight terrorism.

When they ask me what I think, they’re taken back by my answer.  “Let’s do more,” I said.  “Lets monitor every one and every thing.”

In this day and age when everything we do is already monitored by Google and Facebook and the information sold to private companies – – what difference does it make?   When our every movement is monitored through government cameras and private security cameras – – what difference does it make?

When our car mileage is monitored, when our phone calls are monitored, when our cell phones give our location to anyone who wants it – – what difference does it make?

My suggestion is that we ask the government to do more monitoring.  I think we should ask the government and the big corporations to collect even more data on us.

My reasoning is simple.   The more data they collect, the less valuable it is to them.

By collecting more personal data on us, we simply overwhelm them with information.   They won’t be able to tell which is important and which is not.

We will be anonymous in the collective.

To put it another way – – it’s kind of like monitoring the activity of one bee after he’s returned to the hive.

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