Alexander won’t seek re-election to legislature

June 11th, 2013 by Ken

Gary Alexander, Republican house member from the 2nd Legislative District, will not seek re-election to his house seat  if he is re-elected this fall as Thurston County Auditor.

Alexander made those remarks on “Decision Makers” airing on KGY Radio 1240 AM. on Tuesday.

The ranking Republican member of the house budget committee said he wanted to devote full effort to the auditor’s job, if he gains re-election this year.   Alexander was appointed as Thurston County Auditor following the election of Kim Wyman as Secretary of State.

As a member of the house budget committee, Alexander is hopeful that a compromise budget can be reached within a week.   He also said that he misses the involvement of the governor in budget negotiations.  Under Christine Gregorie, Alexander said, the governor was in the room and active in the negotiations.  Current governor Jay Inslee is represented in budget meetings by his staff.

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