Obamacare costs known

June 3rd, 2013 by Ken

Every business person knows that Obamacare is going to cost money.   We’ve just never had a government estimate of the cost.

Now we do.

It’s going to cost every business owner in Washington state, who has employees,  another $1.50 an hour per employee.

We know this, because that’s the estimate put out by Intercity Transit.   Here’s the story.

Intercity Transit just awarded a contract for security at the Lacey and Olympia transit centers.   The cost was nearly $20,000 more than last year.   Staff said the new contract amount included $1.50 per hour for workers,  based on the Affordable Care Act.

There you have it.   A government agency actually made an estimate of what Obamacare will cost an employer.   It’s an additional $1.50 per hour per employee.

Lets see, $1.50 per hour is $12 a day times 22 days a month, times 12 months, times each employee.  Well – -you get the picture.   Now you can actually budget the costs based on a government’s estimate.

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