Lacey council reaffirms support for Gateway project

April 13th, 2013 by Ken

Despite bankruptcy of the founder of the Gateway project and the purchase of the property by two different owners, the Lacey City Council reaffirmed it support for the “future of the city.”

At its day-long retreat Friday, members of the Lacey City Council said the Gateway project was still their concept of a future city and that the proposed town center plan was still a viable option.

While the decision was unanimous it was not without some caution.  Some members of the council wanted assurances that city support for Gateway would not take away from city efforts to revitalize other sections of the city, particularly in the Woodland District.

In support of Gateway, the council again pledged to purchase five acres of property for construction of some form of civic project.   Estimates of the cost for the property could run to $2 million.   The city has set aside $6 million for the purchase and construction costs.

Lacey City Manager Scott Spence told the council that it was all contingent upon negotiations with the new property owners, but council support for continuing the project was crucial.

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