Republican party alive and thriving

March 25th, 2013 by Ken

In a liberal Blue state like this one, it’s difficult to tell that the Republican Party is alive and that it’s goals of smaller government and more individual responsibility is thriving.

Listen to these stats.  Some 30 of the country’s governors are Republican and the party holds almost that many state houses.  That’s 60 percent of all governors are Republicans.

The Republican Party holds control of the United States House of Representatives, the branch of Congress closest to the people.   And, if it  had  just a couple of better candidates last year it would have controlled the United States Senate.

All of the new, young rising stars in the American political arena are Republicans.  If the 2016 presidential election was to be held today, the Democrats would have to put up two old dogs – – Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

Next year the Democrats have four senators up for re-election who are running in Republican leaning states – – Arkansas, North Carolina, Alaska and Montana.   The Democratic Party is so concerned about holding on to those seats, that it allowed those senators to vote against the Senate budget so they can tell the folks back home that they favor smaller government.   The budget passed 50-49.

Here in Washington state, Republicans aren’t as bad off as it sometimes seems.   They’ve joined with their conservative Democratic friends and taken control of the State Senate.

Outside of Puget Sound, it’s OK to be a Republican.  Hell – – it’s expected in Eastern Washington – – and along the coast – – and in Southwest Washington – – and in the rural areas of the state.  You need to be a Republican to get elected in almost every part of our state except in the urban core.

The Republican Party is alive and well.   It just has one problem.

With all the moaning, shaking of the heads, crying in the hands and singing the blues, you wouldn’t know that the Republican Party is the party of the future.

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