Valetines Day is the most hated holiday

February 13th, 2013 by Ken

Ask a man, any man, what his most hated holiday is, and he’ll say Valentines Day.   There isn’t an American male who would argue with that comment.

This little day, devoted to love, has become a “Great Expectation.”  Every man, in love, is expected to do something special on Valentines Day to prove his love.  Whether he buys his special one a card, candy, flowers, jewelery or lingerie or takes her out for a romantic dinner – – it’s expected.

A man can forget her birthday, he can even forget their anniversary, but woe be unto any man who forgets his love on Valentines Day.

Because on the next day, women will compare their lover’s gestures to all others.  The woman who is left out will feel unloved, even if his love is true.

A man can’t win.   He either spends money or she loses face.

How did this little day, devoted to love, turn in to one of the most hated holidays.

Common culture, advertising and expectation – – that’s how.

For years I refused to play the game.   I never gave my wife anything special on Valentines Day.   I told her I loved her every day of the year and not just on Valentines Day.  And, I proved it, by buying her things for no special reason except I loved her.

Then, I made a mistake.  One year I gave her a card and a little piece of jewelry on Valentines Day.  Every since, I’ve had a personal expectation that I must continue.   If I don’t, I reasoned to myself.  Then she’s going to think I love her less because I didn’t remember her on Valentines Day.

My advice to all men entering a loving relationship is simple – – don’t start.  She’ll be OK with it if you explain that the commercialism of the day has destroyed any semblance of love.   Tell her you love her every day – – and show it.

But don’t buy her anything on Valentines Day.  You’ll regret it.


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