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January 18th, 2013 by Ken

I just finished spending a week in New York City – – actually on Manhattan Island.  It was my first time.

I felt like the country mouse which come to visit his city cousin except I didn’t have a relative living in New York.

I have several observations that may or may not be relevant.   First – I could never live there.  There’s no elbow room.   You have to wait in line for everything – – to eat – – to move – to just survive.   Waiting in line may be fine for those with patience but it’s not for me.

I always thought I understood diversity, but until you spend some time at the city’s major landmarks, diversity doesn’t really become real.

To understand this country and its pull on people, just ride in a New York taxi cab.  The drivers are from just about every country in the world.  I had drivers from Russia, from Bangladesh, from Guinea, from Nigeria, from India, from Tibet – – the list goes on and on.   And every single one of them told me that this was the best country in the world and that they had come for a better life.   Almost all of them had become American citizens.

The museums in New York are beyond compare.  I tried to visit as many as I could, but I was able to see only a small percentage of exhibits.

I took a tour of Ground Zero and the Memorial Park.  But, I also got a private behind the scenes look at the Freedom Tower.  We took a plywood elevator to the 90th floor and with the wind blowing through the uncompleted building were able to get a better look at the 16-acre site as well as all of New York City and parts of New Jersey.

However, I’ve had my fill.   I’ve been to New York City.  I’ve seen the elephant.  I have no desire to go back, but I’m glad I went.

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