How important is education?

December 21st, 2012 by Ken

The battle for state funds has always come down to whichever special interest group can rally the troops and put the most pressure on the state legislature.

In the current battle for state funding it appears that supporters of more money for education are the leading contenders in the war to garner more funds from the taxpayers.   Despite making up more than 40 percent of the current state budget, educational leaders want even more.   It doesn’t help that a recent state supreme court decision has forced the legislature to define and (fully) fund basic education.

It’s incumbent upon the legislature to define basic education.

But, in the effort to get more money for education (86 percent of which goes for salaries and benefits) must everything else of importance to the residents of our state have to fall by the wayside?

Is education more important than our state parks?  Management of our public lands is being neglected so we can spend more money for education.

Is education more important than our state highway and road system?   Incoming governor Jay Inslee has already informed the State Department of Transportation that it’s budget will be cut by $500 million so that money can be siphoned off for education.

Our many social service organizations – – those that deal with the elderly, the handicapped – – the homeless – – are shunted aside so money can be given to educational institutions.

Is more money for teachers and administrators more important than help for homeless children?

These are the tough issues the legislature has to wrestle with and the Washington Education Association will be there every step of the way to make certain our elected officials know who got them elected.



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