Water sticker shock

November 15th, 2012 by Ken

Lacey residents, and those who get water service from the City of Lacey, will see a major increase in their water bill next year.

On a near unanimous vote, the Lacey City Council approved new taxes which will increase the monthly water bill by nearly 14 percent.   The Council adopted ordinances which raise the water rates by nearly 6 percent, the stormwater rates by 3 percent and the wastewater rates by 3 percent.  Add a 3 percent increase in sewer rates from LOTT – – and the average water and sewer bill will climb dramatically.

Some members of the Council voiced concern about the increases, but only Andy Ryder voted no and that was only on the wastewater increase.  In casting the only no vote, Ryder said that there was no capital plan in place and that to vote for a wastewater increase was out of his comfort zone.  He did vote for all of the other increases.

Councilmember Cynthia Pratt said,  “We’ve just passed a bunch of ordinances which will increase costs for all water users.”

Someone should have added – “significantly.”

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