To vote – or not to vote?

November 2nd, 2012 by Ken

With the election just a few days away, our media is awash with political and business leaders telling us to vote.

We are urged to vote as our patriotic duty.  We are urged to vote because it is our government.  We are urged to vote because if we don’t we won’t be heard.

However, I suspect that there are good reasons not to vote.  Foremost among those reasons are “ignorance”.

It’s my observation that most people are ignorant when it comes to candidates and issues on their election ballot.  (Readers of this posting are exempt from my ignorance observation.)

Most voters have no idea who they are voting for or what they are voting on.  They depend on advertising,  word-of-mouth, and party labels to make their selections.   We buy politicians just like we buy underarm deodorant.  By whatever sounds good on TV.   Our candidates are pitched to us by the same people who sell us cars, computers and laundry soap.

The same holds true for the ballot issues we are faced with most election years.  What do you really know about the initiatives on your ballot this year?

For example, I-502 – the marijuana law, would still make it illegal for you to grow your own pot.  Medical marijuana users are opposed to this bill because they would no longer be allowed to grow their own medicine, but would have to depend on government stores.

Or, R-74, the gay marriage bill, will be a boon to wedding shops around the state.  Oh, not for what you think.  But, the bill makes all current domestic partnerships into marriages effective on June 30, 2014.  Everyone (except those over 62) gay or straight, in domestic partnerships now, would be automatically married on that date – – with no flower girls or ring bearers in sight.

Those two items from two ballot measures are unknown to most people.  I only know, because I read the damn things.

My point, and I do have a point, is that not everyone should be allowed to vote.  Most people are too ignorant to make good decisions and end up buying the wrong deodorant which sits on the medicine cabinet shelf; or worse yet, stinks when you use it.

I suggest that everyone who wants to vote should take a test before being able to vote.   The first question should read “Do you watch TV?”   The second question is “Do you belong to an organized political party?”

If you can answer No to both questions, then you should be allowed to vote.

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