I learned a couple of things today

September 18th, 2012 by Ken

I had longtime lobbyist Al Ralston on my radio show today. Al has been in the lobbying business for nearly 40 years, more than two decades as Boeing’s chief lobbyist.

He said, “The legislative process consists of unreasonable people, arriving eventually at a reasonable decision for totally personal reasons.”

That sounds like an explanation as good as any.

Also today, Jan Teague, president and CEO of the Washington Retail Association spoke to the Tumwater Chamber of Commerce.

Jan returned last week from the Association of Washington Business Policy Summit, where they heard from Dr. Frank Luntz, a national communications and pollster authority.

Luntz talked about the upcoming election. He said, “People vote for people they think they can trust. Voters want accountability, integrity and authentic leaders. They want people who respect how hard they work and they want measurable results, so whatever happens is worth it.”

Does the person you’re planning to vote for meet those qualifications?

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