Strange objections to marijuana legalization

August 21st, 2012 by Ken

Initiative 502 legalizes the sale and use of marijuana and will be on the fall ballot.

Law enforcement officials are opposed to the measure because they still think that marijuana is a gateway drug which will lead to further drug use and eventually drug abuse.

Some parental groups are concerned that legalizing marijuana use sends the wrong message to kids.

But some of the strangest opposition to I-502 comes from those who support medical marijuana. They believe that the initiative sets out strong rules and regulations that will interfere with their ability to use the drug for pain relief.

I-502 makes it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to use marijuana. Medical marijuana opponents point out that many people under the age of 21 use the drug for pain relief.

I-502 also makes it illegal to grow your own pot without a government license, the requirements of which are more stringent under the initiative than current law. If the initiative passes, it will make it more difficult for medical marijuana users to grow their own pot.

And finally, I-502 sets strict limits on THC in the drug stream and treats marijuana like alcohol when it comes to driving under the influence. This concerns medical marijuana users, since many of them use the drug, then get in their cars and drive.

Those are some of the strangest objections to I-502, but they seem like good arguments to me for passing I-502.

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