Clarkson named Lacey mayor for the second time

January 12th, 2012 by Ken

Virgil Clarkson, the longest serving current member of the Lacey City Council, was named by the council to represent them as the city’s mayor. Named as deputy mayor was Jason Hearn, the second longest serving current member of the council.

In Lacey, the mayor is not elected by the people, but is selected by the city council to represent them.

The vote was taken at the regular Thursday evening council meeting. Clarkson edged out Andy Ryder 4-3 for the mayor’s seat and Hearn edged out Ryder again for the deputy mayor slot by 4-3.

Following the vote, at the request of Councilmember Jeff Gadman, the vote for both mayor and deputy mayor was made unanimous. “We can disagree but we need to come out of this meeting unanimous in our support of our mayor,”Gadman said after the meeting.

Clarkson is just starting his 14th year as a member of the Lacey City Council. He previously served as mayor in 2004 – 2007, Hearn is just starting his second four-year term on the council. No other councilmembers have served more than two years.

Sworn in Thursday night to begin his first term on the Lacey City Council was Lenny Greenstein. Other members of the council include Ron Lawson and Cynthia Pratt.

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