Posting the odds on Lacey’s new mayor

December 29th, 2011 by Ken

At its first meeting in January, the Lacey City Council will select its new mayor to represent the Council at various meetings and social functions during the year.

Any councilmember can be mayor. All he or she needs is 4 of 7 votes. Individual councilmembers have been meeting and talking with their peers for the last several weeks and jockeying for position. Here’s the current odds as I see them.

2-1 is Jason Hearn. He is the second longest serving member of the council and the more moderate choice to what some see as a liberal bent among some councilmembers.

3-1 is Andy Ryder. He has become the spokesman for the crop of councilmembers who ousted three incumbents two years ago and represents the liberal Democratic Union wing of the council.

4-1 is Virgil Clarkson. He is the longest serving member and has served as both mayor and deputy mayor. He could be the unanimous choice for deputy mayor this time around, but lacks one vote of becoming mayor.

6-1 is Jeff Gadman. Gadman is the second newest member of the council. He speaks well and is showing leadership, but has not indicated that he has the desire to be mayor. Since he works full time for government he may not have the time. Lack of time hampered the last mayor.

7-1 is Lenny Greenstein. He is the newest member of the council and has been working behind the scenes to draft a mayor who will represent all of the council and not just one group.

20-1 is Cynthia Pratt. She is the only woman and her odds should be better, but she hasn’t been able to step up to the next level after having served for two years.

90-1 is Ron Lawson. While he doesn’t stand much of a chance of becoming the city’s next mayor, most people think that he is the deciding vote on who will be mayor. The current council seems split at 3-3 and Lawson is the deciding vote.

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