Lacey has new fire chief

November 18th, 2011 by Ken

Steve Brooks, current division chief for the Lacey Fire District, has been named the new chief of the district. He will take over his duties on January 1, 2012.

Lacey Fire Commission chair Gene Dobry said that Brooks was the overwhelming choice of all of the panels which interviewed the candidates. “I had some reservations in the beginning,” Dobry said. “Steve didn’t have the experience as a fire chief. But after spending time with him and doing the interviewing, I found he had all the abilities and was just as capable as any of the candidates.”

Dobry said Brooks had a good command of the district’s needs and had an ability to work with the tribes. “That’s something we really wanted,” he said.

Brooks was supported by the fire fighter’s union, according to Dobry. “They didn’t come right out and say so, but you could tell by their comments that Steve was their choice.”

The new fire chief didn’t want to take his job until next year for budget reasons. Dobry said that Brooks wanted to make certain that the fire district finished the year out on a positive note. He will be paid $126,000 when he takes over his job next year.

The district will have a special swearing in ceremony on December 29. They will also say good-by to Skip Houser who has served several years as a Lacey Fire commissioner.

Until Brooks takes over, Gary Pearson will remain as interim chief.

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