Election observations

November 9th, 2011 by Ken

What were the opponents of 1183 thinking when they started attacking Costco. Accusing Costco of buying the election and painting them as just another big business out to “screw” the little guy was a major mistake.

It’s obvious opponents hired a New York or Washington DC firm to draft the commercials because they didn’t understand that Costco is well-liked and loved in Washington state. They were bound to lose when they started those attack ads.

Members of the Lacey Fire Fighter’s union said they door belled every house in Lacey. That’s not true. They didn’t door bell mine, however a friend of mine said he was door belled four times. Looks like someone didn’t coordinate door belling efforts very well.

The levy lid lift for the Lacey Fire District failed. I’d like to think I had something to do with it, but actually, it was just the wrong time for any government agency to think about raising taxes. It’s time to live with what you have.

Lenny Greenstein ran a nine-month campaign for election to the Lacey City Council and raised a great deal of money. He garnered more than 60 percent of the vote in his victory. Jason Hearn ran a one-month campaign and raised little money, but still won his seat with more votes than Greenstein. Guess incumbency does have its advantages.

I’m sorry to see that Dick Pust didn’t win his race for Olympia Mayor. He was – and still is – the best person. But he was never able to articulate why voters should pick him. His opponent Steve Bauxbaum had a good message and the entire Democratic party on his side.

Pust still has a chance to get on the Olympia Council. Bauxbaum will vacate his council seat to take the mayor’s seat. Pust could be appointed to that vacancy. On election night, he said he might consider applying for that appointment.

Two new members will join the Lacey Fire Commission. Tom Nelson ran unopposed for a commission seat and Frank Kirkbride was returned after having lost his seat three years ago. They join Gene Dobry, Judy Wilson and John Christansen in running the county’s largest fire district. They will also select the new fire chief. Candidates for the position are being interviewed today.

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